Makeup Eraser Hack : How to remove your makeup in ONE easy step

celéac corner, Lifestyle
I hate removing my makeup especially after a long night when all you want to do is sleep.
I always try to find the easiest yet most effective ways to remove my makeup. A while ago, I came across the Makeup Eraser at my local Sephora store. But this thing is sold at 24 Canadian dollars… for ONE cloth. I don’t know about you but..sorry I am not spending 24 dollars on one cloth.

I ended up doing some research and found out that essentially, it’s just a microfiber towel. So, what I did instead is went out and purchased a pack of microfibre towels. That’s right, towelS with an s. I got a pack of 8 from Canadian Tire for $9.99 They also had a pack of 25 for $19.99. 25 towels versus 1…I mean, you can’t go wrong there. Later on, I also found out that they sold them at dollarama. They’re basically everywhere, Sephora just likes to give it a fancier name.
And there you go! That is basically what I use to remove my entire face of makeup. It’s also pretty neat for us gluten sensitive/celiacs since you don’t have to go through the hassle of figuring out whether a makeup remover is gluten free or not. 🙂 I like to get the cloth wet before using it with lukewarm water. I also wet my face. After removing my makeup with the microfiber towel, I follow with my cleanser et voila! It really can be that simple. 🙂
So, if you’re looking for a simple one-step way to remove your makeup without breaking your bank, do yourself a favor and try this out! 🙂 I hope some of you make use of this beauty hack and save yourself some pocket change.
xox Léa S.

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