Gluten Free Pogo’s (Corn Dogs) – Corn Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free


While walking through the aisle of the grocery store the other day,
I stumbled upon these famous pogo sticks that were so popular in my childhood years.
Had I not developed celiac, I would probably still be eating them now because I loved them so much. After seeing them, I decided that this would be the first recipe I would put together for Celiac Awareness Month. Perfect and in time for the first Friday of the month. Yay for Friday! 🙂

Anyways, if you’re interested in seeing how I created a gluten free, dairy free, corn free, and egg free version, the recipe is below!

Gluten Free Maamoul (Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

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Maamoul are a traditional Lebanese dessert that’s especially popular around Easter time.  They are a Lebanese pastry that come in several fillings ranging from dates, pistachios, to walnuts and more. My personal favorites are the date filled ones. My mom used to always bake dozens upon dozens of batches but after I got diagnosed with celiac, it got a little harder and took me some time to figure out a recipe that I liked. This year, I finally whipped something up that I thought would be worthy of sharing with the rest of y’all and it’s actually quite easy. They taste just about the same as the originals and can definitely satisfy your sweet tooth without the added sugar.

Oggi Pizza : Caprese – Product Review

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As an avid pizza lover, I’m always hunting for the best gluten free pizzas.
I’ve probably tried every single type of Gluten Free pizza you can find in your local grocer’s grocery aisles. I guess you can call me an innovator when it comes to anything that involves gluten free pizza. I’m OBSESSED with gluten free pizza. I guess I made it very clear, that this post is going to be about pizza.

Makeup Eraser Hack : How to remove your makeup in ONE easy step

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I hate removing my makeup especially after a long night when all you want to do is sleep.
I always try to find the easiest yet most effective ways to remove my makeup. A while ago, I came across the Makeup Eraser at my local Sephora store. But this thing is sold at 24 Canadian dollars… for ONE cloth. I don’t know about you but..sorry I am not spending 24 dollars on one cloth.

Five Tips on living with an autoimmune disease

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Living with an autoimmune disease has definitely had it’s challenges. After getting diagnosed, it made me realize just how much we take our health for granted. There were definitely some major adjustments to be made but with that being said, I found that it is very possible to lead a happy and healthy life if you take the right precautions. Here are 5 tips that I believe are necessary and that have helped me in regaining my health back.
1. Adjust your diet 
Opt for organic produce and do your research for some gluten free alternatives.
I cannot stress this one enough. This is the first and most important step after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Adapting my diet based on a lifetime condition was overwhelming and not to mention emotional when I first started my journey. What I have to say is, do not let that discourage you as there are many gluten free options out there, you just have to look in the right places!
I personally found that smaller scale organic food stores such as Fresh and Wild worked best for me. Fresh and Wild really aligned with my lifestyle seeing as my diet requires me to eat a ton of fresh and organic produce. Fresh and wild is located in the Toronto area and has two locations. The first is located at King and Spadina, and the second is located in Bloor West Village. This grocery store offers a variety of organic produce as well as many gluten free alternatives such as Bob’s Red Mill gluten free flours, my personal favourite! You can also find your favorite comfort foods, such as gluten free breaded (I repeat, breaded!!) chicken wings. This is exciting especially because most restaurants cannot provide us with that option! This makes for a perfect one stop shop because you can get all of your groceries at once. To top it off, they have the cutest cafe serving organic and fair trade coffee! 🙂
2. Supplement adequately

♡ Valentine’s Day inspired French Toast ♡ (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

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Valentine’s day is quickly approaching and we’re always looking to surprise our loved one’s with something extra special so I thought, why not start off the day with a thoughtful Valentine’s day inspired breakfast. In this post, I’ll be showing you guys how I created these adorable chocolate drizzled heart shaped french toasts.

Being Constantly Connected and Quick Self Care

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No one can deny the progress and advantages technology has provided us within the last 10 years. Whether it’s in the medical field, in the educational system or in the obvious day-to-day life, technology has altered much of what was previously unnecessary behaviors into an automatic stream of habits we don’t need to think twice about. For many, waking up in the morning and checking our cell phones or emails is automatic. I personally pull out my phone whenever I am wondering about a specific question. “Where have I seen this actress before?”. “What’s this song again?”, “How do I get to this place?”, etc.

One of the awesome thing about technology is that you can pretty much reach anybody. I love being able to call my grandparents overseas without worrying about minutes and fees, and being able to keep in touch with my friends and cousins. It makes everything so much easier!

But of course, everything has a bad side. Keeping connections with old friends and relatives is great, but what about the people that we don’t want to keep in touch with at all? Or what about the people who we shouldn’t be keeping in touch with, really for our own well-being, but can’t really get rid of without apparently transgressing some kind of new social norms?
In the past, once you’ve met somebody, I’m assuming all you did was exchange numbers. If you liked the person, as a friend or otherwise, you got in contact with them and kept the friendship going. If not, you just ignored their calls and the odds of them getting back in touch with you or knowing anything about your life was likely via word of mouth and gossip. Obviously, things have changed since then. We grew up with facebook, or MySpace, or whatever. We added all these people from school or work on our social media realms, whether we were friends or not, and they just stayed there. We’re forced to keep up with what our acquaintances or friends are up to, whether you like it or not. And it’s very hard to not compare yourself with other people’s lives. Sometimes, we almost feel like we’re falling behind. But realistically, we all have our own timeline. I totally agree that it’s pretty awesome to have your shit together. However, we forget that you can appear to have your shit together and not really have anything accomplished. We forget that we create this online alter-ego, only showing people the best parts of our lives. And consequently, we forget that our counterparts do the same.

Now, if you are simply comparing yourself to another person to seek inspiration or motivation, fine. That’s not a big deal, as long as you’re doing it for yourself and nobody else, okay. I’m with you on that. But if you begin to turn this energy into a negative one, where you are either harming yourself (physically, emotionally, or otherwise) by putting yourself down, or harming others by putting them down, then there’s an issue.

Cyberbullying is unfortunately not something that only happens in high school.  It’s not only celebrities or YouTube stars that get negative comments. It’s “regular” individuals going about their daily lives, accomplishing goals and inspiring others whether they know it or not. This is where being connected all the time gets ugly. When we make these social connections online, we are not forced to stay friends with people in real life. We aren’t even forced to stay friends with them online. So why does it feel like we have to stay friends with someone who is posting negative comments on someone else’s profile? How am I supposed to be supportive of this person’s ambitions and business if they’re an asshole? However, we are not obliged to stay “friends” with people who upset us and make us feel bad about ourselves. You’d likely not want to hang out or catch up with that person in real life, so why bother to stay up to date with their lives online? I think it’s our sense of curiosity that keeps us intrigued. But it shouldn’t.

TL;DR: If someone is being mean to you online, just delete and block them. You don’t need that shit in your life. And you’re not being petty, you’re just taking care of yourself. If you’re the asshole posting up mean shit on people’s posts, c’mon. Grow up man. Go channel that energy into something more productive!

Wishing you all inner peace and happiness this new year!

– Patty